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Bone saw serenade

Emma’s husband disappears after her childhood friend Charlie arrives in town. She must tuen to detective Angus Pratt to do everything they can to find her husband – and stay alive. Angus will stop at nothing to find the truth, while Emma learns the hardest truth of all. The flames you hold the closest always burn the worst.

This one’s gonna hurt

This One’s Gonna Hurt is a horror story reminiscent of all our favorite slashers from yesteryear. Dripping with vintage intensity and brutality, though modern enough for our always evolving world. Each turn of every blood soaked page will cut deep with heart, redemption, stories of loss, love and survival, while shocking readers to their very core. Prepare yourself – This One’s Gonna Hurt.

Both books published by Black Rose Writing. Purchase your copies directly from the publisher – Also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever you buy your favorite books.